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Education Law

Firm attorneys have extensive experience in counseling public school districts, community colleges, and private school entities on compliance and dispute resolution. Our attorneys have taken on statewide leadership roles in education law, reflecting the firm's commitment to high standards of expertise. Our goal is to allow educators to work with students without excessive distraction from the legal system. When legal difficulties arise, we work with our clients to resolve those problems as quickly as is appropriately possible.

Services Provided
Education Law

  • Representing schools in collective bargaining negotiations
  • Arbitrating grievances for management
  • Litigating before federal and state agencies and courts regarding collective bargaining issues
  • Providing educational labor relations advice
  • Working on teacher remediation and notice to remedy issues


Education Employment

  • Litigating claims brought under Title VII, Title IX, and other federal and state statutes
  • Drafting administrative and other non-union employment agreements
  • Representing clients in state and federal compliance reviews


Student Discipline

  • Drafting discipline codes
  • Counseling on disciplinary responses
  • Representing clients in hearings and other proceedings
  • Crafting appropriate reciprocal reporting agreements



  • Counseling on compliance with state and federal regulatory statutes, including:
    • Affordable Care Act
    • No Child Left Behind Act
    • Title IX
    • Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act
    • Illinois School Student Records Act
    • Open Meetings Act
    • Freedom of Information Act


Special Education

  • Counseling and representing clients in the full spectrum of special education proceedings from initial IEP’s through federal appellate litigation